Product Demo


Demoing or sampling enables consumers to see how products perform without having to risk buying first.  


Demoing can consist of:

-       Visually showing consumers how the product works

-       Sampling a small size so consumers can experience it themselves

-       Enabling consumers to temporarily experience a larger, more expensive product for free




We offer: 


Brand Ambassadors: Distribute flyers or samples the product and provide the customer with information.

Product Demonstrator: They can give a larger variety of detailed information about the promoted product.







On Line Marketing

We offer you take advantage of web-based channels to transmit a message about your company's brand, products, or services to your potential customers.

The tools used for online marketing include:


- Video Marketing
- E-mail Marketing
- Social media (facebook)
- Search engine optimization
- Display advertising (Youtube)
- Webinars

The objective of marketing is to reach potential customers through the channels where they spend time reading, searching, shopping, or socializing online.


Customer Acquiring

Acquiring new customers means understanding what makes your customers think and investing heavily in inbound marketing 
strategies such as content, building an email newsletter and search engine optimization.

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